What do the Star Wars franchise and Christmas have in common? Well, quite a lot actually when you think about it. Both are family oriented. Both are magical, and they’re both hugely commercially successful around the world. So when The Force Awakens hit screens in the run-up to the holidays, we had to pull something extra-special out of the bag to help Disney and Asda capture the joy and excitement of a seasonal Star Wars tie in. Before you ask – no. We did not use The Force. Instead, we used an Emmy nominated director, the son of the DOP on the original Empire Strikes Back, and the help and technical support of LucasFilm themselves. The result was a blockbuster Christmas ad that looks, sounds and feels so much like part of the Star Wars universe, that it was viewed over 60 million times, along with Disney awarding it best in class for third party advertising. Stick that in your Jar Jar Binks.