If you thought Alstom made railways, you’d be right. But only half-right. Behind the scenes, the company is at the forefront of renewable energy technology, making incredible next-generation things like wind farms and hydroelectric plants. Unfortunately, that means you can’t really appreciate how amazing their products are unless you’re wearing a hard-hat or safety harness. So to help people explore their work more closely, they created a series of cutting-edge interactive apps. Our job was to promote them, encouraging everyone from site-managers to students to see exactly how the company is transforming the energy sector. Using a mix of 3D modelling and live action, our promo film puts the power of Alstom’s systems directly into the viewer’s hands, allowing them to experience the impact of cutting-edge industrial technology without having to wear one of those orange hi-vis tabards. You could call it “Fuelling the Future”, but that would be completely awful.