Here’s a secret. Boxers aren’t stunt men. When they get punched they really, really get punched, which is why people watch them. It’s also why their trainers get really, really twitchy when you try to stage a fight for a TV commercial. Tasked with creating idents for William Hill's boxing sponsorship, we knew we couldn’t achieve the impact (pun intended) that we wanted with effects alone. So live action gave us a solid foundation with plenty of clout (yep, and that one too). Limiting the shoot to a day spared the poor trainer’s nerves, but meant we had to fight (I’ll stop now) the clock to get the footage we needed. Having put ourselves and the fighters through their paces, it was back to the edit suite where we added a graphic halftone treatment - accentuating the raw power and energy of Mr. Anthony Joshua himself. Yep, the real one. Not his body double.