Until recently, the only science we knew was the physics engine in our computer software. Thanks to our client Lonza though, we’re now even better at both. Lonza are a world leader in industrial biocides (stuff what kills bugs, to you and me), helping manufacturers to eradicate the unseen hazards that can compromise their products. In this film they wanted to explain how the presence of microscopic organisms adversely affects the paint and coatings industry. First, we built a 3D laboratory, which we then mixed with live action and 2D animation. Taking the viewer deep inside the problem, we focused on Lonza’s benefits by keeping the visuals as pristine as possible, highlighting the contrast between organic colour patterns and immaculate white surfaces. Possibly inspired by the clinical narration of Werner Herzog’s documentaries, we enlisted Wolf Kahler (Raiders of the Lost Ark fame) to add a voiceover as crisp and clean as a lab coat. Wunderbar.